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Earth-Friendly bio PVC HiCo Magstripe - 30 Mil - 500 cards

Earth-Friendly bio PVC HiCo Magstripe - 30 Mil - 500 cards

We are proud to offer Biodegradable Mag Stripe Plastic Cards! Pack of 500 cards.

Item # CR80.030HiCoBio
Manufacturer: NewBold

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BioPVC will allow the biodegradation of all PVC plastics.

The bioPVC performs just like standard PVC. Ink adhesion, lamination, die cutting and embossing all perform within the same parameters. The finished card performs equal to cards manufactured on regular PVC as no biodegradation takes place unless the product is in a fertile environment.

A fertile environment can include compost, waterway or where other items are biodegrading. Microorganisms consume the plastic over a period of nine months to five years with complete disintegration taking place.

Please note: Must indicate size of mag. stripe at time of ordering - Track II or Track III

  • 2 tracks - 2 lines of data, first line alpha, second line numeric
  • 3 tracks - 3 lines of data, first line alpha, second & third line numeric
Pack of 500 cards.
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