Aptika Achieves Certification to Offer High-Definition HID FARGO HDP6600 Printers

Aptika Achieves Certification to Offer High-Definition HID FARGO HDP6600 Printers

Aptika is proud to announce that we have achieved official certification to sell the HID FARGO HDP6600, a state-of-the-art card printer from HID Global. This certification marks a significant milestone for Aptika as we expand our offerings to include this advanced retransfer printing technology, known for producing secure, durable, high-definition IDs and cards at impressive speeds.

The HID FARGO HDP6600 is a versatile solution, ideally suited for organizations of all sizes and industries, including business, government, education, and healthcare. Its high-resolution 600 dpi printing capability ensures exceptional text and image quality, setting a new standard for photo-quality card imaging. Available in single and double-sided configurations, the HDP6600 offers adaptability and customization to meet any organization's unique requirements.

GreenCircle Certification

The HDP6600 is not just about exceptional quality; it is also built with speed and sustainability. It boasts the ability to print a new card in under a minute, making it one of the fastest printers in its class. Additionally, it has earned the GreenCircle Certification, highlighting its energy efficiency with up to 66% energy savings compared to other models.

Our partnership with IDpack Cloud further enhances the HDP6600's capabilities. It utilizes 600 dpi images and vectorial designs to produce astonishingly clear and detailed images. This compatibility ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience for our clients.

HID FARGO HDP6600 Technical Training Certificate from the HID Academy

Aptika's distinction in achieving the HID FARGO HDP6600 Technical Training Certificate from the HID Academy is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This achievement underscores our dedication to providing our customers with the best products and the knowledge and support necessary to utilize them effectively, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

We are excited to finally offer this professional line of card printers to our valued Canadian and American customers. With the HID FARGO HDP6600, we are confident that our customers will experience unparalleled quality and performance in their card printing processes. This addition to our product line is more than just a printer; it represents our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of secure identification and high-quality card production.

In conclusion, Aptika's certification to sell the HID FARGO HDP6600 is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation in secure card printing. We invite our customers to discover the benefits of the HDP6600 and look forward to supporting them in achieving their card printing objectives with this superior technology. For more information on the HID FARGO HDP6600 and how it can transform your card issuance process, please get in touch with us or visit our website. Thank you for choosing Aptika as your trusted partner in identification solutions.

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