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ID Card Printer, Signature Pad and ID Card Supplies

Aptika is your source for ID card and photo ID supplies and security equipment. Our USA warehousing facilities stock all ID solutions from ID card printer, signature pad, ID card software and ID card systems. Aptika, best value for your money! We are helping organisation to integrate ID card printer and electronic signature pad for their identification cards since 2000.

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HID Corporation
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Scriptel Corporation
Zebra Card Printer

We are offering a great range of ID card related products and services since 2000. Over the years, Aptika has partners with many manufacturers to provide the best services in our industries. We are proud to be Official Partner with Zebra since 2015, Advantage HID Silver Partner since 2010 and Topaz Systems since 2006.

Zebra Trade-in Program 2018

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We guarantee our customers the lowest prices on the items we sell.