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Online Scriptel EasyScript Tool
This tool allows you to capture signatures online and save them in PNG or JPG. To use this tool, you must have a Scriptel EasyScript signature pad. Click in the frame and then sign with your ScripTouch series EasyScript device and hit [OK]. You can change the pencil color, brush size and background color. The save buttons are grayed out until you hit [OK] on your signature pad.

Pencil Color:
Brush Size:
Background Color:

How can I know if I have a EasyScript model?
Simple, look under your signature pad and if your model number are one of those : ST1476, ST1571, ST1401, ST1501, ST1551 or ST1526 then you can use our online tool!

How to setup your capture device to sign in real time
Open the software provided by Scriptel call Scriptouch Toolbox, then click on the Output Tab. Check the options: Compress output and Stream output. Close the software and that's it!

Scriptouch Toolbox

Source code is 2017 Aptika inc. and 2017 Scriptel inc. You can purchase a license for use on your website for 99$/website.