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Aptika introduces Avansia, the retransfer card printer from Evolis

Avansia from Evolis with IDpack in the Cloud
Aptika, a leader in the ID card, photo ID equipment, and supplies for plastic card personalization, introduces Avansia from Evolis. Avansia, from Evolis, capitalizes on retransfer card printing, which delivers top-notch quality. With retransfer, card printing is performed in two steps: first, the card layout is printed on a transparent film; second, the print layer is transferred from the film to the card. This technology makes it possible to cover the entire surface of the card, making actual over-the-edge printing.

Avansia is ideal for delivering: employee badges, secured access cards, student IDs, payment cards, official identification cards, driver's licenses, and more.

The retransfer technology allows the integral card printing and its 600 dpi print head to generate an optimal image quality, including texts and high-resolution security features (UV, micro-texts, QR code, guilloches, and 2D codes).

    "For several years, a single-player had dominated the retransfer printing market. Today, Avansia, from Evolis, broke this monopoly with a very competitive product: 600 dpi, USB - Ethernet, and single or double-sided prints." says Dominique Baptista, Sales Director at Aptika.

Avansia is a fast printer that can issue more than 140 single-sided color cards per hour. Additionally, the printer supports the delivery of cards in large runs, thanks to its large-capacity feeder and output hopper (250 cards each), as well as consumables from the Evolis High Trust® range, which are engineered for this type of personalization.

Avansia Printing Process

Aptika recommends IDpack in the Cloud (IDC) to use with Avansia. IDC is the best cloud-based ID card printing solution to support 600 dpi resolution, double-side, and QR code mobile application. Designed for heavy-duty card delivery, Avansia paired with IDC is a robust and reliable combination. Furthermore, the 3-year standard warranty, coupled with the lifetime warranty on the print head, makes your investment sustainable over the long run.

    "With Avansia, Evolis is enriching its catalog with a high-end product, allowing us to strengthen our capacity to meet the needs of high-volume markets, particularly in the fields of security, education, and government projects." says Philippe Lesellier, Product Manager at Evolis.

The optional Avansia Lamination (S10293) system combines the Avansia Printer with the retransfer technology and the Card Lamination Module (CLM for Avansia) to issue high-quality, secure cards. CLM for Avansia laminates single or double-sided cards, which provide durability for up to 10 years. Avansia Lamination thus creates secured cards for every need.

Evolis Avansia Products Family

The CLM module for Avansia connects to the Avansia printer to form a single system. As a result, the installation of the films is intuitive, and Avansia automatically recognizes all the laminates. With the CLM, Avansia also encodes the cards (magnetic stripe, QR code, contact, or contactless smart cards), prints them using retransfer technology, and laminates them in a single operation.

Avansia can be used for continuously printing large batches of cards, thanks to its high-capacity feeder and output hopper (250 cards each). Moreover, it uses Evolis High Trust® consumables, which were developed specifically for this type of printing.

If you are looking for a complete, professional ID card printing solution with a printer, supplies, and software that make it easy to get great results every time, contact Aptika for details about Evolis Avansia.

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