Aptika's Latest Video Highlights the Cutting-Edge Features of the New Evolis Agilia Card Printer

If you're interested in learning more about the Evolis Agilia retransfer card printer, you should check out the latest video from Aptika. This printer offers the highest print quality and security level for all your cards, thanks to its 100% Made in France Evolis retransfer technology. You can expect exceptional print quality with features like printing beyond the edge, 600 dpi resolution, and single-sided personalization. Additionally, the Evolis Agilia offers the highest security and durability, with multiple encoding options, micro-text, and high-definition QR codes. With numerous compatible card types, a 200-card feeder, and print speeds of up to 150 cards per hour, you'll have immense possibilities in card management.

IDpack Cloud

The Agilia is 100% compatible with IDpack Cloud, a cloud-based solution for printing ID cards. With IDpack Cloud and the Agilia, you can take advantage of the 600 dpi resolution the printer offers, ensuring that your ID cards are printed with the highest quality and detail. 100% compatible with Agilia, Aptika includes a 1-year IDC Business subscription to IDpack Cloud with the purchase of an Agilia printer. Whether you're printing employee badges, membership cards, or any other type of ID card, the Evolis Agilia and IDpack Cloud offer a powerful and customizable solution. If you're looking for a card printer with the latest technologies, look no further than the Evolis Agilia.

With the Agilia, you can expect brilliantly colored cards to the smallest detail. Any design is possible, whether you need a single- or double-sided card. For even more advanced nuance settings, the Agilia offers colorimetric profile adjustment, ensuring you get a rendering as close as possible to the colors perceived on screen.

Evolis launches its retransfer card printer: Agilia

Check out Aptika's latest video to learn more about the Evolis Agilia retransfer card printer. This printer can help you achieve exceptional print quality and customize your cards to your specifications.

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