Aptika launches the first Online Zebra OneCare Finder for Printers

Aptika, a Card Printer Specialist for Zebra Technologies is launching a simple and easy way to find the right package available, depending on your printer model. Zebra OneCare coverage plans go above and beyond Zebra's warranty and cover everything, including normal wear and tear and accidental damage. From small to large companies, Zebra OneCare services will ensure that your Zebra Mobile, Tabletop, Desktop, Card and Kiosk printers achieve maximum uptime and peak performance.


"It took four weeks of development to create a simple and easy interface to choose the right package for your printers" said Martin Bourdages, Aptika's Director of Business Development. "With all the options and models available, it was not very clear at first, but we were able to build a search engine to make it simple for all users."

There are two main categories, Zebra OneCare Essential and Zebra OneCare Select, with prices varying depending on whether or not you purchased your printer in the last 30 days.

Zebra OneCare Essential is the foundational offering, with comprehensive coverage that includes printer cleaning and adjustment, technical support during your local business hours and a three-day turnaround time on repairs. Our user assessment and learning resources help you educate your users on how to get the best out of our devices, driving the rapid device adoption that will allow you to begin reaping the benefits of your Zebra solutions faster.

Zebra OneCare Select delivers more capabilities. If a device needs repair, we ship out a replacement as soon as you notify us - before we receive your broken unit. We'll even commission your printer settings and label formats so your printer is ready to use on arrival. No matter what time of the day or night you have a problem, our experts are ready to help. Select service provides a technical support help desk with 24x7 availability and Next Business Day (NBD) shipping.

For Card and Industrial printers, you have two options, Comprehensive or Non-Comprehensive. The Comprehensive is the best option and is truly worry-free, since it includes printhead coverage, normal wear and tear and accidental breakage. Non-Comprehensive does not cover printhead, normal wear and tear or accidental breakage. For all other categories, the Comprehensive is included.

Zebra Executive Channel Manager David Murphy commented: "Aptika created a wonderful tool to determine which Zebra OneCare package is best for you."

By using the Aptika Zebra OneCare Finder for printers, you can now select your printer model and choose the best package to fit your needs! No need to go through all the 1,500 packages one by one. You will identify the right one in seconds and place your order for one or more serial numbers within 10 minutes!

Zebra's experienced technical support experts can help you with virtually any issue on any Zebra printer, providing swift resolution of issues to minimize the impact on your business.

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Martin Announcement Wednesday, June 15, 2016