Essential Employees ID Cards in the Cloud

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), many countries/states/provinces/regions are requesting citizens to have a form of letter or pass to prove they are engaged in essential work. IDpack in the Cloud is offering special templates to create ID cards especially for Essential Employees. These EE cards include a QR Code officials can scan anytime, anywhere in the world from a mobile phone to verify the card's validity in real time.

Employers or supervisors can edit a card's information from the Cloud, plus activate or deactivate a card, add special notes and much more. With IDC solutions, any Essential Employee can carry the card at all times, and as the employer or supervisor, you can update the card's status daily online using our Cloud application, for officials to instantly check.

We use a 128-bit encryption random number to uniquely identify each card printed. That gives 5,316,911,983,139,663,491,615,228,241,121,400,000 (5.3 undecillion) possible combinations.

The following information is displayed when scanning the QR code:

  • Card issuer
  • Card issuer phone
  • Card issuer location
  • Card issue date
  • Card status
  • Color code
  • Color code name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Notes
  • Picture
To learn more about Essential Employee ID Cards and see how it works, [click here].

Martin Announcement Monday, May 04, 2020