Evolis launches its retransfer card printer: Agilia, The Game Changer

The world leader in direct-to-card printing has launched its retransfer card printer, 100% designed and manufactured at its production site in France (Beaucouzé). With this new product, Evolis aims to increase its market share by 20% over 4 years. How do we achieve this? By pursuing the same strategy as for its D2T2 products: offering the best quality/functionality/price ratio. This ambition, fully assumed, is also reflected in the slogan accompanying this major launch for Evolis: Agilia, The Game Changer.

Evolis launches its retransfer card printer: Agilia

Agilia: everything you can expect from retransfer (and more)

To be credible in a market such as retransfer, Evolis understands that it must offer a product capable of disrupting the competition. That begins with Agilia's integration of all the key features of a best-in-class retransfer card printer: high 600 dpi print quality, over-the-edge, the ability to print on a wide range of card types, and a lifetime warranty on the print head.

However, to stand out from the crowd, Evolis has to go beyond the expected functionality, taking into account the different needs of users: single or double-sided personalization, multiple encoding options, high-definition micro-text and QR code printing, 200-card feeder, optimized user experience on Windows and Mac, and more. Numerous additional features and new options are already planned, starting in 2024.

"Agilia is sure to change the rules in the retransfer market", says Philippe Lesellier, Agilia's Product Manager.

100% Made by Evolis retransfer
Although Evolis has been competing in the retransfer market for several years, with Agilia it can offer a 100% Evolis solution. Its customers will then have access to the same level of flexibility, functionality, and positioning that Evolis already offers on its D2T2 card printer range.

Agilia is so promising because it builds on the innovations developed for Primacy 2. It capitalizes on the high-performance design of the benchmark of the direct-to-card printing market and lends it a certain credibility. "With Agilia, we're going to bring to the retransfer market what we brought to the D2T2 market: the best quality/functionality/price ratio", explains Nathalie Clément, Product Marketing Manager.

The Game Changer an assertive fighting spirit

The choice of the slogan "The Game Changer" and the martial artist for the launch concept is significant: it represents the fighting spirit of Evolis, both in words and visually. At the same time, the explosion of color promises high-quality printing, one of Agilia's flagship features. Agilia intends to take on the competition's retransfer card printers, without any hesitation.

The brand's objective is clear: to achieve a 20% market share within four years. For Philippe Lesellier, the ambition is commensurate with Agilia's potential: «We are determined to make this product the new market benchmark, the one that will change the game's rules: "The Game Changer".

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Agilia: The Game Changer

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