Evolis - Zenius printer - Designed for single sided printing of a large variety of plastic cards.

The Evolis Zenius printer available at Aptika is designed for single sided printing of a very large variety of plastic cards. Zenius generates color or monochrome cards, individually or in small runs, with top quality results. Zenius is a user-friendly, compact and cost-effective solution for delivering your personalized cards. Item # ZN1U0000RS


  • With Zenius, you can choose to insert your cards individually or with the automatic feeder.
  • The «Expert» version of Zenius features combinable encoding functions: magnetic encoding, contact and contactless chips. It takes just a few minutes to install these modules!


  • With the Evolis Premium Suite® software, you can receive notifications and easily control the printer from your computer.
  • Evolis High Trust® ribbons are easy to install and automatically recognized and set by the printer.


  • Hardly larger than a standard sheet of paper, Zenius fits perfectly into any environment, be it the office or a customer service counter.
  • Zenius is an eco-designed printer: very efficient sleep mode and low energy consumption.

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Martin Video Friday, July 23, 2021