HID Fargo - OMNIKEY 5427CK Reader Gen2 - Unboxing, Presentation, and Operation Video

The HID® OMNIKEY® 5427 CK reader is the ultimate choice, supporting both 13.56 MHz HF and 125Khz LF frequency credentials such as iCLASS Seos®, iCLASS SE®, iCLASS®, MIFARE®, Indala Prox, and HID Prox. Fully configurable and programmable keyboard wedge functionality featuring an integrated management console and native CCID implementation supporting WINDOWS®, LINUX®, and MAC® operating systems.

HID Global's OMNIKEY® 5427CK Reader operates in virtually any PC environment. Independent of the operating system and use case, the reader's CCID or Keyboard Wedge interface provides the ideal solution without needing to install or maintain drivers. This removes complex software lifecycle management issues in the field and accelerates time to market while allowing the user to become part of the iCLASS SE® platform. The platform offers a secure, standards-based, independent, and flexible solution based on Secure Identity Object (SIO), a new portable and open credential methodology. Thanks to its keyboard wedge functionality, data from the card can be retrieved and transformed for direct input into applications using keystroke emulation. This eliminates the need for organizations to enter card data into applications manually. In addition to the standard CCID and Keyboard Wedge operation modes, the reader includes an integrated, easy-to-use web-based management tool that enables intuitive browser-based configuration without special training.

Key Features

  • Security - Enhanced system security supporting low and high frequency credentials including HID Prox ®, Indala Prox, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® EV1, iCLASS®, and iCLASS SE.
  • Ease of use - Straightforward utilization of existing access control credentials for PC login in both CCID and Key Wedge operation modes.
  • CCID Support - Eliminates the need to install drivers on standard operating systems. Keyboard Wedge support - Retrieves data from a card and presents the information directly to any application by emulating keyboard strokes.
  • Flexibility - Numerous accessories and mounting options are available.