How to Clear a Card Jam with an Entrust Sigma DS1 or DS2

How to print a test card with an Entrust Sigma DS1 or DS2 Printer
You can usually resolve the error by pressing the USER button so that the printer displays Ready. If the error persists, do the following to remove the card from the printer.


  1. Unlock the printer and input hopper locks, if present.

  2. Open the printer cover and remove the print ribbon cartridge or cassette.

  3. Turn the manual advance knob to move the jammed card until it exits into the output hopper of a single-hopper printer, or is accessible from the rollers in a single- or multi-hopper printer.

  4. Remove the card.

  5. Put the ribbon cartridge back inside and close the printer.

  6. Press the USER button on the printer.

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Martin How-To Monday, March 27, 2023