How to print a Technical Test Card with an Evolis Primacy 2

Printing a test card with your Evolis Primacy 2 printer is important for troubleshooting your printer. The Technical test card will provide important information regarding the printer: serial number, firmware version, print head kit number, the position of the image (offset), number of printed lines, and number of cleaning cycles that a technician might ask you.

Steps to print a Technical Test Card with an Evolis Primacy 2.

  1. Open the Evolis Premium Suite 2 and click on the Assistances & Maintenance button below. Evolis Premium Suite 2 - Assistances & Maintenance
  2. Click the THREE DOTS on the top right, and enable Display advanced settings if not already done.
  3. Evolis Premium Suite 2 - Display advanced settings

  4. Click Tools and diagnostics -> Support tools in the left menu.
  5. Evolis Premium Suite 2 - Ribbon

  6. Click the Print a technical test card button to print it.
  7. Your printer should now print a test card. When done, you can close the Evolis Premium Suite 2.

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