How to Swap the Datalogic Memor 20 Battery

The Memor 20 is the largest PDA full touch displays in the Enterprise market, thereby maximizing the application user interface, while still in a compact and rugged, yet modern form-factor. This greatly enhances the ability to seamlessly accomplish tasks with the utmost accuracy for multi-channel visibility.

SafeSwap™ technology visually indicates when it is safe to swap the battery. Memor 20 offers a 1-piece swappable battery with Datalogic's patent pending SafeSwap™ technology.

With its powerful Qualcomm processor, efficient battery management, dual SIM and GPS localization, and ultimate connectivity capabilities, the Memor 20 guarantees a superior and long-lasting performance in the palm of your hands in an always connected world.

More info about the Memor 20 here.

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