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IDpack 9.1.8 is now available!

A new version of all editions of IDpack 9.1.8 is now available. Aptika has been offering IDpack since it began in 2000.  We have tested the new version of IDpack and were very pleased with the new look of the interface.

The new version works perfectly with Windows 10!

idpack designer windows 10 wide

  • New feature added: SDK /CAPTUREPRINT, opens a window to capture a picture and print card
  • New feature added: Support for High-Resolution ID Card Printer
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Optimization
  • New installatation packaged
  • New feature added: Support for Scriptel ProScript Signature Pad
  • New feature added: Support for HC-100 Wristband Printer
  • More cleanup (removal) for the CamTracer
  • Fixed a bug in the French version for the Field Definition
  • Bugs fixed
  • Help Support link fixed
  • New installatation packaged

IDpack 9.1.8 support the Evolis Primacy new High-Resolution ID card printing. You can print at 300 like any other ID card printer, but with Evolis Primacy, you can print at 600DPI and up to 1200DPI with monochrome ribbon.

The CAPTUREPRINT in the SDK is available only with IDpack Professional, and it allows you to open IDpack IDpack directly into the Information Tab and capture a picture, print the card and close IDpack. This is very useful for integrating IDpack into another application and needs only to capture a picture and print the card.

You can download IDpack's latest version on the IDpack website at: https://www.aptika.com/download/

Add IDpack to your shopping cart at: https://www.aptika.com/category/id-card-software-idpack/

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