How to Replace an Evolis Print Head

  • Always print a Technical Test Card before removing an old print head. This card must be sent in with any head being evaluated for warranty replacement.

    a. This can be done by going to the Start Menu on your computer => choosing “Control Panel” => choosing “Printers and Faxes” => right click on the Evolis printer and choose “Properties”. Then click on the “Tools” tab and click STT card or Technical Test card. A card and ribbon must be present to run this card.

  • After the Technical Test Card is printed, unplug the power from the printer. Open the hood and remove the print head. This can be done by pressing against the back metal spring loaded plate with one hand and twisting the print head out with the other. The print head should release easily and require little or no force.

  • Then remove the wire connecting the print head to the printer. The wire to remove is the one going into the print head. Simply, pinch the wire with your fingers and pull.

  • Now you can connect the new print head wire and insert the print head into the printer. You should hear a “click” as you insert the new head and press it into place.

  • Now you must align the new print head number with the printer. Failure to do this will void warranty and can cause the print head to fail. Start in the printer driver under the “Tools” tab (instructions on getting to the driver in section 1a).

  • Click on “Dialogue with Printer”. Here you will see a command box. You will need to enter the command: “Pkn;” followed by the new print head number and then press enter on your computer.

    a. Example: Pkn;265‐B9200852‐B

  • If the command was inputted properly you will get a cleaning light blinking on your printer. You can now remove the ribbon and cards and insert a cleaning card. Press the white lit button on your printer and it will automatically run a cleaning cycle. Your print head is now installed properly.

  • The old print head and Technical Test card must both be submitted for any warranty credit to be received.
If you run into any issues while changing a print head or require any other technical help with the Evolis printers we are always available via phone or email.

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