Scriptel Corporation Announces Release of Signature Pads With EasyScript 2.0 Interface

New Version Improves the User Experience for Scriptel's Popular “No Client Install” Signature Pads

Aptika's partner Scriptel, a long-time provider of electronic signature solutions and capacitive pen digitizing components, announced today the start of regular shipments of its ScripTouch® signature pads using the latest version of its patent-pending EasyScript 2.0 interface. Building upon the original EasyScript API released in 2013, the EasyScript 2.0 API allows developers to deliver a significantly upgraded user experience by supporting real-time rendering of signatures at a higher resolution while offering greater system flexibility, including support for hardware thin clients and verification as Citrix Ready®.

scriptel family signature pads

Electronic signature capture pads enable the truly paperless business by eliminating that last step that typically still needs a printer and a scanner: signing a form. Developers are building cloud-based and browser-based solutions to manage paperless digital workflows and need to be OS-independent, browser-independent and client hardware-independent. EasyScript offers the solution.

By innovatively adapting a solution commonly used for card swipers, barcode readers and other character-based POS peripheral devices, Scriptel solved this issue for electronic signature capture. Leveraging native OS support for keyboards, a Scriptel signature pad with the EasyScript interface emulates a USB keyboard and sends signature coordinate data to the application encoded as keystrokes.

EasyScript 2.0 offers the same reliable features that the original EasyScript offered while providing new enhancements, including:

  • Keystroke streaming for real-time signature rendering
  • Loss-less compression to send high resolution signature data that supports biometric or forensic requirements
  • Independence from OS region settings and automatic support for nearly all international keyboard layouts
  • Elimination of keyboard buffer overflows in low bandwidth, thin client, and virtualization systems

Many of these features were developed at the request of Scriptel's software partners like us. A critical concern was forward and backward compatibility of Scriptel signature pads with the EasyScript interface and applications remaining with the original EasyScript API or adopting the new EasyScript 2.0 API. Scriptel worked with its partners to manage this transition so that all Scriptel signature pads can now ship with the new EasyScript 2.0 capabilities built-in and ready to use without causing applications based on the original EasyScript to fail.

Aptika is selling the full line of Scriptel Products in USA and Canada.

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