Aptika Adds the New Zebra ZC10L Large-Format ID Card and Badge Printer

Today, Aptika has added the new Zebra ZC10L to its product line and all the ribbons and supplies. Zebra ZC10L is the only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can print full, edge-to-edge color cards in one printing process. Produce custom, oversized badges, sporting event and concert tickets/passes, special event and festival badges/passes on the spot in full color—in one print pass. Avoid the hassle of ordering and inventorying pre-printed cards for various levels of guest access at events. Instead, print photo-quality cards edge-to-edge at the point of entry.

Since cards are printed on demand using the ZC10L Media kit (400 PVC Cards + YMCO Ribbon), you can customize them for individual guest needs. This adds personalization, reduces waste and eliminates the risk of running out of a specific type of card should attendance change. And, with 300-dpi print quality, the ZC10L enables you to produce cards with exceptional photo-quality images, rich colors and crisp text.

ZC10L Large Card Printer

Aptika has more than 18 years of experience in trade shows, sport events, music shows. "The ZC10L is a great addition to our product line and answers a major need for a large-format card printer," commented Martin Bourdages, in charge of Business Development at Aptika. The ZC10L is the perfect solution because you don't need to pre-print your cards before an event. You just arrive at the location, install your laptop and printer and start printing cards or badges on the spot. The printer prints edge-to-edge color cards in one printing process, so no more waste.

With our IDpack software, you design your card in IDpack Designer, then print with IDpack Producer. Need to change something on the go? No problem, just open IDpack Designer, make the change and BOOM, continue printing cards with the new design.

ZC10L Cards and Ribbon

With 300-dpi print quality, the ZC10L allows you to produce cards with exceptional photo-quality images, rich colors and crisp text. Aptika has been certified to sell and support the ZC10L in Canada and the United States. The Canadian-based company passed the technical training with flying colors.

ZC10L Ribbon Installed

With card dimensions of 5.5" x 3.46" (140 mm x 88 mm), it increases security by giving your event staff the ability to identify guests and determine access permissions easily at a distance. The ZC10L printer produces large passes and badges, making printed content and images easier to see and read.

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Martin Announcement Thursday, November 30, 2017
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