Evolis Genuine Globes Hologram Varnish Ribbon for Zenius & Primacy

Evolis Genuine Globes Hologram Varnish Ribbon - 400 prints / roll - ribbon allows the application of a hologram (an optical variable design) on card in a form of a transparent layer. For the Evolis Zenius and Primacy printers.

Item # RVA022NAA
Manufacturer: Evolis

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  • Type : Security ribbon

  • Description : Hologram Overlay Vaarnish Ribboon – Genuine Globes Design.

  • Features : The hologramm varnish ribbon composition allows a goood resistancce, a protection from eexposure to water, an enhanced chhemical resiistance and an excelleent adhesioon on card surface.

  • Storage Information : It is recommended that this product is used within one year. Avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures . Do not place near solveent or other chemicals.

  • Prints per roll : 400 prints / roll
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