Supported Models

Real Vision Imaging

Real Vision Imaging

Aptika help Real Vision Imaging customers and employees quickly purchase and obtain Scriptel signature pads. Simply place your order and we'll take care of the rest. On the right, you have the list of the three models supported by Real Vision Imaging.

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) is a document imaging solution that interfaces with core business applications. RVI enables documents to be digitized and indexed making them available for later retrieval, including secured access over the web or even from a mobile device. RVI is equipped with everything needed to capture, store, manage and deliver a wide variety of information / content types.

All three signature pads models are In Stock and Available here at Aptika. We are proud to be Official Partner with Scriptel since 2009.

  • Faster Access to Documents
  • Better Management Control
  • Recaptured Floor-space
  • Supply Cost Reductions
  • Reduced Exposure to Security or Disaster Incidents

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