How to load PVC ID cards in a MC110 Matica printer

In this video, I will show you how to load cards in a MC110 Matica printer. The Matica Genuine Consumables have been exclusively designed to work together in perfect harmony with the Matica MC110, MC210, and MC310 desktop printers. In addition, all Matica Genuine Consumables have been grouped under a new premium ribbon program, chromXpert, designed to produce the best image quality with Matica card printing systems: proven performance, top quality, and color consistency combined with additional benefits and unique features.

chromXpert ribbons provide high-quality printing and ease of use. Each printer automatically recognizes the ribbon type and optimizes its use. Genuine Matica Ribbons provide status checks of the remaining ribbon and automatically alerts when the ribbon is running low. Only chromXpert consumables ensure maximum performance and maximum print head life.

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