Topaz Systems

As a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic signature software and digital signature pads, Topaz Systems provides the most comprehensive and powerful line of electronic signature pads that enables paperless document creation, signing, and authentication of electronic forms with handwritten digital signatures.

Topaz is the recipient of multiple industry awards including six-time consecutive wins of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award for outstanding growth, Deloitte technology Fast 500 honors, INC 500, and INC 5000 recognition.

All Topaz products come bundled with powerful software tools and support for the capture, binding, and authentication of electronic signatures. All software and updates are licensed for use with Topaz tablets at no extra charge.

Topaz electronic signature products come in different shapes and sizes.

  • SigLite Series signature pads are lightweight and cost efficient devices to capture a digital signature.
  • SignatureGem Series is your high end digital signature pad for best resolution and capturing quality.
  • ClipGem signature capture clipboard is particularly useful when in need of generating a digital and paper carbon copy of the same electronically signed document.
  • IDLite Series digital signature pads empower you to not only capture an electronic signature, but also fingerprints all-in-one.
  • KioskGem signature pad is a rugged version of the SignatureGem Series. They are exceptionally useful for business people on the run or in public trade shows.
  • Topaz Wireless signature pads are the latest innovation in electronic signature capture technology with wireless support.
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Topaz SigLite LCD Backlit 1x5 - USB
$280.00You save 11.07%$249.00

Topaz SignatureGem LCD 1x5 - USB
$365.00You save 8.22%$335.00

Topaz SignatureGem 1x5 - USB
$270.00You save 24.07%$205.00